Selvarey Awards

  • Chairman's Trophy, Excellent
    Highly Recommended

  • 2014 RumXP Gold Award,
    Miami Rum Festival

  • 2015 Double Gold Winner,
    Best White Rum

  • SelvaRey White,
    94 Pts, Highest rated white rum in the history of the magazine

  • SelvaRey Cacao,
    95 Pts, Highest rated flavored spirit in the history of the magazine

Selvarey in the News

  • High atop Los Angeles at the Sheats-Goldstein residence.

  • BRSelvaRey Cacao really stands out.  Bruno Mars Bruno Mars

  • I poured this at a party not long ago and the crowd went wild.

  • “Find it.  Buy it.  You won’t regret it.” Bruno Mars

  • SelvaRey Cacao rum gives these cocktails a chocolate, boozy kick.

  • “…we have had an overwhelmingly positive response.”

  • Classy new spirits you should be adding to Bruno Ma your liquor cabinet.  Bruno Mars Bruno Mars

  • A delightful punch that employs the complementary trinity of rum, pineapple and Green Chartreuse.

  • When the time came to make some rum punches for National Punch Day we turned to SelvaRey.

  • …this bottle has serious provenance. Bruno Mars

  • Admirable as a sipping rum, we’re excited to mix… 4-Star Rating

  • MessHall’s Murdoch’s Revenge made with SelvaRey rum

  •  DK Daiquiri at Pasadena’s 1886 bar with banana-infused SelvaRey Rum

  • Panama is home to one of the world’s finest rums. A++ Rating

  • Cocktails worthy of your Fourth of July Party

  • Six spirits from Southern California for summer sipping

  • One of the best aged white rums out there at present.

  • Probably the best flavored rum, certainly the best chocolate rum, ever.

  • Get dad what he actually wants…

  • …and of course, they’re fantastic in cocktails.

  • Tasting it will change your perception of rum forever…

  • “…good enough to sip like a Scotch, bourbon or tequila…”

  • Serving SelvaRey alongside Nylon & HAIM

  • Rum takes a shot at the craft market

  • “This is the best party I have ever been to!”

  • One of the few flavored rums that drinks like a sipping rum. 

  • What really stood out the most was the aged rum.  It was really tasty.